Total Copyrights Granted: 3

  1. Self-Cleaning and Germ-Killing Revolving Public Toilet. Registration Number: L-103519/2021. Diary Number: 21651/2020-CO/L. Date of Grant: 20th May, 2021.
  2. IoT Based Neonatal Caddy. Registration Number: L-112894/2022. Diary Number: 29791/2021-CO/L. Date of Grant: 9th March, 2022
  3. IoT Based Sustainable Smart Water Quality Prediction System for Biofloc Agriculture. Registration Number: L-112896/2022. Diary Number: 29788/2021-CO/L. Date of Grant: 9th March, 2022

Total Copyrights Granted: 2

  1. ANALYSIS OF IOT BASED WEATHER MONITORING USING FUZZY LOGIC. Registration Number: 1189027. Date of Registration: 15 December, 2021.
  1. FM Transaction: A Tool Implemented with Internet of Things. Registration Number: 1188698. Date of Registration: 9 December, 2021.