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Generative Adversarial Networks for Image-to-Image Translation
ISBN No. 978-0-12-823519-5
Type: Editor


A Roadmap to Industry 4.0: Smart Production, Sharp Business and Sustainable Development
Series ISSN: 2522-8714
ISBN No. Hard Cover ISBN 978-3-030-14544-6 eBook ISBN: 978-3-030-14544-6
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Emerging Technologies for Battling COVID-19: Applications and Innovations
Print ISBN: 978-3-030-60038-9 Online ISBN: 978-3-030-60039-6 Series Online ISSN: 2198-4190 Series Print ISSN: 2198-4182
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Development and Future of Internet of Drones (IoD): Insights, Trends and Road Ahead
ISBN No. eBook ISBN 978-3-030-63339-4 Hardcover ISBN 978-3-030-63338-7 Series ISSN 2198-4182 DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-63339-4
Type: Editor

Emergence of Cyber Physical Systems and IoT in Smart Automation and Robotics
ISBN No. Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-030-66221-9 eBook ISBN: 978-3-030-66222-6 DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-66222-6
Type: Editor

The Fifth International Conference on Safety and Security with IoT (SaSeIoT 2021)
Type: Editor +1 Chapter
Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-030-94284-7
eBook ISBN
Series ISSN

New Horizons for Industry 4.0 in Modern Business
Type: Editor +1 Chapter
Hardcover ISBN:
eBook ISBN: 978-3-031-20443-2
Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-031-20442-5
Softcover ISBN: 978-3-031-20445-6
Series ISSN: 2731-8303
Series E-ISSN: 2731-8311
Pages: 329


Digital Cities Roadmap: IoT Based Architecture and Sustainable buildings
ISBN No. 978-1-119-79159-1 Pages: 544
Type: Editor

Software Defined Networks: Architecture and Applications
ISBN No. 978-1-119-85730-3
Doi: 10.1002/9781119857921 
Type: Edited Book

CRC Press

Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Healthcare and Drug Development
ISBN No. 978-03-67257-57-6 (Hard Copy) 978-04-29289-67-5 
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Advances in Swarm Intelligence for Optimizing Problems in Computer Science
ISBN No. 978-11-38482-51-7
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Machine Learning in Signal Processing: Applications, Challenges and the Road Ahead
ISBN: 978-0-367-61890-2 (Hard Book)
978-0-367-61892-6 (Print Cover)
978-1-003-10702-6 (Ebook)
Type: Editor

Green Internet of Things
ISBN 9781032069135
Pages: 144 Edition: 1
Type: Authored Book

SDN Supported Edge-Cloud Interplay for Next Generation Internet of Things
Pages: 220; ISBN: 9781032101491
Type: Edited Book

Advances in Distance Learning in Times of Pandemic
ISBN 9781032334417
Pages: 322
Type- Edited Book

Blockchain, IoT and AI Technologies for Supply Chain Management
ISBN: 9781032206400. Pages: 294
Type- Edited Book

Renewable Energy and AI for Sustainable Development
ISBN: 9781032439495
Pages: 286
Type- Edited Book

IGI-Global, USA

Green Building Management and Smart Automation
ISBN No. ISBN13: 9781522597544 | ISBN10: 1522597549 | EISBN13: 9781522597568 DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9754-4 
Type: Editor & Author (1Chapter)

Handbook of Research on Emerging Trends and Applications of Machine Learning
ISBN13: 9781522596431 | ISBN10:1522596437
EISBN13: 9781522596455 Pages: 674
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9643-1 
Type: Editor

Applications of Computational Science in Artificial Intelligence
ISBN:9781799890126 (h/c) | ISBN 9781799890133 (s/c) | ISBN 9781799890140 (ebook). Pages: 284
Type: Edited Book

IOS Press

Computer Methods in Medicine and Healthcare
978-1-64368-334-8 (print) | 978-1-64368-335-5

IET Publications

Innovations in Healthcare Informatics: From Interoperability to data Analysis
978-1-83953-458-4 (Hardback); 978-1-83953-459-1 (Print)
DOI: 10.1049/PBHE041E
Type: Editor & Author

BPB Publications

Handbook of Cloud Computing 
ISBN No. 978-93-8817-666-8
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Instant Approach to Software Testing: Principles, Applications, Techniques
ISBN No. 978-93-88511-162
Type: Editor & Author (2 Chapters)

Scholar-Press, Germany

Handbook of Arduino
ISBN No. 978-3-330-65093-0
Type: Co-Author

VSRD Publications

Wireless Sensor Networks  
ISBN No. 978-93-86258-11-3
Type: Co-Author

Handbook of SPSS 
ISBN No. 978-93-86258-72-4
Type: Co-Author

Management Information Systems
ISBN No. 978-93-86258-18-2 
Type: Co-Author

ABS Publications

Windows and Networking
ISBN No. 987-81-7072-121-5
Type: Co-Author

Computer Applications 
ISBN No. 978-81-7072-118-5
Type: Co-Author

Data Communications and Computer Networking 
ISBN No.978-81-7072-127-7
Type: Sole Author

Computer Applications
ISBN No. 978-81-7072-134-5
Type: Co-Author

Computer Applications 
ISBN No. 978-81-7072-135-2
Type: Co-Author

Computer Applications for Business
ISBN No.978-81-7072-148-2
Type: Co-Author

Information Management 
ISBN No. 978-81-7072-160-4
Type: Sole Author

Thakur Publications

Software Engineering & Project Management 
ISBN No. 978-93-83130-17-7
Type: Co-Author

Design and Analysis of Algorithms
ISBN No. 978-93-86488-64-0
Type: Co-Author

Embedded Systems 
ISBN No. 978-93-5163-133-0
Type: Co-Author

Data Warehousing and Data Mining 
ISBN No. 978-93-5163-015-9
Type: Co-Author